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Grow your MRR with in-app checkout flows

On-brand pricing tables, checkout pages, upsells, downsells, and more.

Bring proven conversion and revenue optimization strategies from the e-commerce world right into your SaaS app with a single line of code! 

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Launch an Optimized In-App Checkout Experience in Minutes

Take the pain out of building and updating billing systems. Plug and play for developers while marketers will love the ability to test pricing and new offers.

Imagine, Headache Free Billing

When it comes to creating or updating anything relating to billing, it's scary. If something goes wrong, your revenue plummets.

  • No more figuring out complex billing API's

    Stay focused on your app’s core features and let CheckoutFlow handle all the billing headaches.

  • No vendor lock-in

    Use existing Stripe subscriptions and products (or create your own in CheckoutFlow). We sync new products and subscriptions that you create in CheckoutFlow directly to your Stripe account so you’re never locked in!

No More "Set and Forget" Pricing

CheckoutFlow makes it easy for developers and marketers alike to have a billing system that can be easily updated without the long sprint cycles.

  • No more waiting on developers

    Marketers don't need to wait for developers to implement billing changes. Test new offers and pricing within minutes.

  • No more waiting on designers

    Developers don't need to wait for designers to design the latest and greatest checkout experience. Pre-built checkout flows are already conversion optimized.

Increase New Customer Conversions

Don't send your users to third party URL's. Ensure your buying experience matches your brand colors and fonts and stays native, right inside your app.

  • Display localized pricing

    Increase conversions for customers that are not in your native country by displaying pricing that's in their local currency.

  • Split test your pricing

    Test pricing changes to see which plans and pricing tiers convert the best. No coding or design time required.

  • Coupons and promotions

    CheckoutFlow lets you use coupons or promotional codes to nudge your users into purchasing.

Think of it as "Revenue Optimization"

By making it easy to update your billing system and pricing plans, you can focus your energy on creating the best offers and plan features to best optimize your revenue.

  • Order bumps

    Offer an ebook, consulting, or course to increase that initial order. 1 in 5 will select the order bump option.

  • Upsells

    Give a one-time upsell offer for things like added credits, or users, or even have a separate "add-on" plan at a reduced rate during the checkout. Nearly 1 in 3 will choose an upsell!

  • Downsells

    Offer a "Last Chance" type solution that varies from your upsell and is less of a commitment. Nearly 1 in 4 will choose your downsell!

Increasing Revenue while Minimizing Development Time

When implementing a checkout flow, there are many factors that will determine your particular conversion rate (how good is your offer, price points, etc). In our research, we've found the following data points.

Order Bump Conversion
Upsell + Downsell Conversion
Dev + Design Time Saved per Checkout Flow
55 hours

“When we implemented upsells and downsells, we increased ARPU by 22% as we saw nearly 1 in 3 people take one of the two offers. This sort of "checkout flow" is something e-commerce stores do all the time, but you don't see it nearly as much in SaaS. Given the current freemium and product-led strategies, this sort of checkout process just makes so much sense. The fact I can test new pricing without needing to use development resources is even better.”


Prices for Startups and Existing Brands

Still early stage or pre-launch? Save countless development hours while spending $0!
Growing SaaS, but want to maximize revenue and conversions? The Pro plan is for you!

Free /mo

+ 0.5% processing fee.

CheckoutFlow branding on the checkout pages.
Ideal for startups.

  • Up to 3 Checkout Flow Variations

  • 12 Months Reporting History

  • Pricing Pages

  • Checkout Pages

  • Upsell Pages

  • Downsell Pages

  • Thank You Pages

  • CheckoutFlow Branding

$97 /mo

+ 0.5% processing fee.

No branding + additional optimization features.
Ideal for existing apps and brands.

  • Unlimited Checkout Flows

  • Lifetime Reporting History

  • Pricing Pages

  • Checkout Pages

  • Upsell Pages

  • Downsell Pages

  • Thank You Pages

  • No Branding

  • Split Testing (coming soon)

  • Localized Pricing (coming soon)

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

We provide you templates for your pricing table, checkout page, upsell page, downsell page, and thank you page. You input your plans and list your features. Then, just add some code we give you to your app and you're done.

Does this work with other payment processors?

Right now Stripe is the only payment processor supported. Braintree and PayPal are next up. Subscribe to our email list to be updated.

My SaaS does metered based billing, will this work for me?

Unfortunately, this is not yet available. We are specifically for SaaS companies with fixed plans. Subscribe to our email list to be updated.

If I don’t want to offer upsells or downsells, would this still make sense?

While we think you'd be leaving money on the table, you can simply use the Pricing Table, Checkout page, and thank you page and saved hundreds of potential development hours. No more needing to interface with Stripe's API, design and build your own billing system, etc.

Do I still need Stripe?

Yes. Stripe still processes the payment. We facilitate the payment between your website to Stripe, letting Stripe know how much ultimately needs to be charged. CheckoutFlow helps you ensure that you are maximizing revenue opportunities.

Is the processing fee added to my existing revenue?

Nope! We only charge the 0.5% for new customers who subscribe to your app using our checkout flows.

Will my customer's see a different URL when checking out?

Nope! You'll simply add a line of code and the user experience stays native to your app.

How does this compare to ClickFunnels (or similar tools)?

ClickFunnels and similar tools work amazingly well for non-SaaS companies. When it comes to SaaS companies though, you want something in your own app, that looks and feels like the rest of your app, and don't want to be locked into any billing system outside of your payment processor.

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